Frequently Asked Questions


There are a lot of questions that we are asked, hopefully the website covers most of them, for the rest we have FAQs!

What is The L Project?


The L Project is an anti LGBT bullying campaign run by Sofia Antonia Milone and Georgey Payne. We are not a charity, we are fundraisers for charities. We also raise awareness and occassionally we work with artists and sponsors on specific projects.



Why are the chosen artists on Project #1 all women?


We do from time to time have people asking us about the make-up of artists for the first project, for various reasons. But essentially the question is being asked because people feel they are not being represented, or that somehow because an all girl group is singing of inclusion, it does not count, or that we have purposely excluded anyone from it.


If we had been a famous all-girl group of any sexual persuasion at all, I am certain we would not be having to answer these questions. The question only arises because this group was 'put together'. I would like to say that we totally understand that query, which is why we answer it on our website (not just once here, but also on our story page).


It is important people understand a number of things about the project. So let us further explain:


To start this project at all Georgey had to work with people that trusted her inherently, and whom she was certain could perform the tasks involved. So she reached within her own social and musical remit for that. Understandably so. The ones who said yes were all gay women, apart from the engineers, who were, as it happens, straight men.


There was no time or money to be auditioning people, or taking risks on recommendations. In fact if we had, this project would never have gotten off the ground at all. All the time we've put into this has been volunteered time, and in the case of the organisers alone, runs into thousands and thousands of hours.


Sofia and Georgey work full time jobs as well as running this project, they are not rich people with time to spare.


This song had to hit the ground running to stand any chance at all of coming within budget, budget that was provided by a small number of businesses and was very minimal indeed (in the low thousands).


Sofia has personally responded saying, "I do not think that the message in this song is any less powerful because the people singing it are all one gender, or orientation. To feel excluded from this message - which is clear in the lyrics - on that basis is to say that this message is one only for gay women - which I can happily say is clearly incorrect.


If I were to hear a straight band cover this song I would actually think that was marvelous, and possibly even more powerful as a result, and I would not at all think that the message was merely for straight people. Yet this is the yard stick being used when we are asked questions like this."


All of this said, now that the project has some profile (though no more budget yet!) we clearly have not only a duty, but an opportunity to widen our basis for artist selection (and this will not be limited to musical artists, because not all projects will be music related).


If we put out a call for artists tomorrow we'd be inundated with people willing to give up their time. Why? Because we've proved we're a viable entity.


The key misunderstanding when people have been posing these questions has been that The L Project are an all female band. We are not. We are Georgey and Sofia, fundraisers and project coordinators. Not only do we agree that have a duty to equality, but it is something that we clearly want to promote as well. The next project will prove that, and hopefully we'll be able to find even bigger sponsors too.


Watch this webspace.



Why did you choose the current beneficiary charities?


This is why.



I work for a charitable organisation, can I apply to be a recipient?


The simple answer is: Not currently. We choose our designated charities on a project by project basis. Once the next project is under discussion we will release application forms for a limited time. Notice of which will be posted on the facebook page.




I would like to cover the song "It Does Get Better" or "We're All Human" what do I have to do?


Get in touch with us, we're happy for people to spread the word, but we do require you to stick to a few rules where possible.




I would like to use the track "It Does Get Better" or "We're All Human" in my video, is that okay?


Short answer is: Yes - provided the theme and content of your video is aligned with our clear ethos. But Please do get in touch with us, because the track is protected by content ID software and unless we are aware of your video, and we are happy you have stuck to our rules, your video might be pulled from youtube, or subject to copyright takedown action. We'd hate that to happen if all you are doing is spreading The L Project love.




Will there be some sheet music available?


Yes! And for "It Does Get Better" it is already! A great projecteer (project volunteer) Chappers helped us create it and you can buy it from our shop.



Will there be other merchandise we can buy to do with the project?


Again, yes. Please bear with us! There will be plenty of things for you to spend your money on and donate at the same time. They will all be listed in the Charity Shop.



Do you have response to the criticism from some of the transgender community about the line "Men in Skirts" in the song "It Does Get Better"?


Yes, we most certainly do. And for those who are just finding us now, we have addressed this issue many times. Rather than continue having the same conversations we wanted to create a place where everyone can have their comment. You can find our response, and add your own HERE. Thank you.





A note from The L Project co-ordinators Sofia & Georgey:


Thank you so much for taking the time to read about us, buy the track and spread the word about this project. We really, really, really appreciate every person who is getting involved. We do try our best to respond to all requests and queries individually, but we ask you to be patient.


We are merely two regular people holding down full-time jobs, and trying to do something good with all our spare time. We do not have a PR department, we do not have any funding helping us raise our profile, we do not have a huge team of people behind this campaign. We have our energy, our varied skills, our limited spare time and most importantly, you, and every member of the online community who has taken even a bit of time to help us spread the word. You are invaluable to us therefore, you are our team. So thank you for your support.





Sofia & Georgey.