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Welcome to project one of many. As you know, The L Project is Sofia Antonia Milone and Georgey Payne. If you want to know how this enitre campaign started, read more here.


This was our first project, a song penned by Georgey herself. But to make it come to life we wanted to bring together a variety of voices, as well as to document the whole process and try to make it accessible to all.


The complete team behind our "It Does Get Better" charity single essentially fall into three categories, all of whom have given all of their time, energy and talent for free.


The first contributors are the most obvious, the musicians and artists that appear on the track and video itself. The vocalists and signers all spent a day in studio, the musicans and producers spent an entire weekend recording and mixing the track.


Then of course there are the film-makers and photographers that have documented the whole process. Their time donation is undeniably to be counted in weeks, rather than mere hours.


Finally there is The L Project themselves, the co-ordinators Georgey and Sofia. From raising sponsorship, and gathering interested parties to record the song, to writing press releases, creating promotional material, and tirelessly campaigning both on and off-line, their donation of time is simply incalculable.


Lets introduce to all contributors in our first project, starting from the top... two faces you are undoubtedly famliar with!


nb. if there is a contributor missing here it is because did not wish to be advertised

Name: Georgey Payne

Roles: Songwriter, Guitarist, Singer, Project Co-ordinator


Biography: Lead vocalist, guitarist, pianist and songwriter in UK band Greymatter who have been together since 2003. The have 3 albums out (circa 2012) and have toured europe extensively.


Fame claim: Once cut Fi's hair. Okay, maybe twice. Possibly three times.

Links: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Youtube | Songwriter

Georgey Payne

The L Project - embracing diversity

Name: Sofia Antonia Milone, aka Fi, or Fia

Roles: Singer, Project Co-ordinator, Project Artwork


Biography: Ex-front woman and songwriter in uk punk/rock/pop band GeEkgiRL. Has turned her hand back to writing and painting when she's not busy being the art(work) force behind this project.


Fame claim: Stood next to Uma Thurman once. Ari-Up asked her to sing backing.

Links: Facebook | Website | GeEkgiRL


Sofia Antonia MiloneSofia Antonia Milone

The L Project - embracing diversity

Name: Abbe Robinson

Roles: Director/Producer of the official "It Does Get Better" music video


Biography: Abbe is just too cool. She doesn't even need a website. How cool is that?



Fame claim: She's too cool to drop names. Seriously.

Links: Credits

Abbe Robinson

The L Project - embracing diversity

Name: Katie Lamb

Roles: Official project 1 photographer


Biography: A well known press photographer working in and around the London and Berkshire area of the UK, Katie also covers Weddings, Civil Partnerships, Corporate and Social Events.


Fame claim: Katie is possibly also too cool to drop names...

Links: Website

Katie Lamb

The L Project - embracing diversity

Name: Kate Tartsus

Roles: Director/Producer of the Behind the scenes videos (project 1)


Biography: Coming soon. If she ever emails us back. Sheesh. Some people are too much in demand.



Fame claim: You guessed it... too cool. God this is getting boring isn't it?

Links: Youtube

Kate Tartsus

The L Project - embracing diversity

Name: Horse McDonald

Roles: Singer, Lead Guitar


Biography: With eight albums and a career spanning three decades, Horse has performed alongside a whole host of incredibly famous people.



Fame claim: Will Young covered her song "Careful" in 2009.

Links: Website | Myspace

Horse McDonald

The L Project - embracing diversity

Name: Jess Gardham

Role: Singer


Biography: Jess Gardham is a York based singer songwriter. She was picked by BBC radio 2 as a songwriter to watch in 2011.



Fame claim: Well, we know she's supported David McAlmont.

Links: Website

Jess Gardham

The L Project - embracing diversity

Name: Emma Kavanagh

Role: Singer


Biography: Emma is lead vocalist alongside Georgey in Greymatter who have been together since 2003. The have 3 albums out (circa 2012) and have toured europe extensively.


Fame claim: She knows Fi from GeEkgiRL (lmao)

Links: Website | Myspace | Facebook | Twitter | Youtube

Emma Kavanagh

The L Project - embracing diversity

Name: Nicky Mitchell

Role: Singer


Biography: Nicky Mitchell is a singer, jazz musician, songwriter, comedy song writer, blues guitarist and DIY enthusiast.


Fame claim: Nicky says The L Project is by far the most meaningful thing she's done. Aw. Cute.

Links: Myspace | Website | Twitter

Nikki Mitchell

The L Project - embracing diversity

Name: Amy Sutton

Role: Singer


Biography: Amy Sutton is the front woman of Neon Choir, a London indie four piece all about rock riffs, disco beats, delicate folk and sunshine pop.


Fame claim: Has supported artists such as The Parlotones and Arno Carstens and were nominated for Best New UK Act at the 2009 Balcony TV Awards.

Links: Facebook | iTunes | Spotify | Youtube | Soundcloud | Myspace

Amy Sutton

The L Project - embracing diversity

Name: Juey

Role: Singer


Biography: Juey is a guitar, banjo and harmonica wielding musician, brought up on a musical diet of 50s and 60s rock and roll combined with country, bluegrass and cajun.


Fame claim: None.

Links: Website


The L Project - embracing diversity

Name: Mel Sanson

Role: Singer


Biography: Mel is front woman, songwriter and guitarist in Punk Rock Band Kenelis. They have released 2 albums (circa 2012).


Fame claim: Fans of Mel/Kenelis include Garbage, The Rasmus and her favourite Actress, Fairuz Bulk.

Links: Website | Facebook | Youtube | Twitter

Mel Sanson

The L Project - embracing diversity

Name: Ella Chambers

Role: Singer


Biography: Ella has has been fronting the band Elliot's Sleeping for the last 6 years, rocking out to their own tracks and classic rock covers.



Fame claim: None.

Links: Myspace | Elliot's Sleeping

Ella Chambers

The L Project - embracing diversity

Name: Belinda O'Hooley (left) and Heidi Tidow (right)

Role: Singers. Belinda also played piano on the track.


Biography: After leaving The Unthanks Belinda teamed up with with Yorkshire singer-songwriter Heidi. They have two albums out currently (2012) Silent June and The Fragile.


Fame claim: C'mon gals, we know you must have some...

Links: Facebook | Website

o'hooley and tidow

The L Project - embracing diversity

Name: Sandra MacBeth

Role: Singer


Biography: Sandra is an Edinburgh based touring Singer/songwriter, musical innovator and general superstar.


Fame claim: Pink, Eddi Reader, Proclaimers, Mumford & Sons, Nicolette Massive Attack & KT Tunstall (TLP assumes she's performed with them, musically...)

Links: Website | Facebook | Myspace

Sandra MacBeth

The L Project - embracing diversity

Name: Amber Taylor-Groves

Role: Singer


Biography: Amber was first signed by Warner Bros at the of 15 but due to contractual issues was unable to release any of the work. Since 2009 she has been writing and performing with her electronic soul band Heads Hearts.


Fame claim: Amber's nan used to knit clothes for the Queens children. Yes, really.

Links: Facebook | Website

Amber Taylor-Groves

The L Project - embracing diversity

Name: Nina McCann

Role: Singer


Biography: Nina is a Hampshire (UK) based singer songwriter. She released her Debut Album, Leave the Room back in 2004 and more recently, her EP, All My life.



Fame claim: None.

Links: Facebook | Website

Nina McCann

The L Project - embracing diversity

Name: Leanna Goring

Role: Drums


Biography: Ex-Voodoo Hussy drummer Leanna decided to leave the band in 2010 and has since been involved in various musical projects.


Fame claim: has worked with Steve Brown, Manic Street Preachers, Alison Moyet, ABC and Wham! Has also crossed studio paths with Gwen Steffani.

Links: Facebook

Leanna Goring

The L Project - embracing diversity

Name: Lorna Thomas

Role: Bass Guitar


Biography: Lorna is currently working with the highly acclaimed Scottish singer/songwriter Jill Jackson.


Fame claim: Supported Tom Jones, shared the stage with Eddi Reader. Whilst at the NME Awards got drunk with Oasis and went to a casino with them!

Links: Facebook | Website | Email

Lorna Thomas

The L Project - embracing diversity

Name: "Fletch@"

Role: SignSong Performer on the official music video.


Biography: Fletch@ works by translating the lyrics of a well known song and performing it in Sign Language, therefore giving Deaf people access to music, and hearing people access to a familiar song, but in a visual way.


Fame claim: At 16 she performed on stage with Ronan Keating at the Wembley!

Links: Facebook | Website | Youtube | Twitter


The L Project - embracing diversity