We're All Human






Since Feb 11th 2012 you have helped us raise £11,053 for charities helping to combat LBGT bullying!






We're All Human is an LGBT charity single. It was released May 4th 2014.


You can help us raise even more money for some great charities by buying the track.


Also, check out our last release It Does Get Better!



Cover Art - We're All Human



The L Project is an ongoing Anti LGBT bullying campaign run by Sofia Antonia Milone and Georgey Payne. We help raise awareness and facilitate fundraising by setting up projects working with artists, sponsors and other kind contributors.


In our very first year we were awarded the accolade of "Outstanding contribution to the LGBT community" by the Midlands Zone 2012 Readers Awards for the release of our charity single "It Does Get Better." That single is still available from all good download sites.

Click here to watch the official video and hear the song for yourself.


We aim to raise awareness about the effects of LGBT bullying, to give hope to those suffering from it, and to raise money to help combat it. We hope to be able to do this by engaging our community and empowering them to educate themselves and others in order to 'spread the L'

Our motto is: Share if you Care.



Please note: We are fundraisers, and facilitate and encourage fundraising within our growing online community who mostly hang out on facebook, youtube and twitter. We are not a charity, though we do seek sponsors to help run larger fundraising projects.







project number one


A charity single released in February 2012 to raise money for charities that help prevent LGBT bullying.