How can you help?


We are not currently looking for new ideas for projects, or people to participate in that context (we'll let you know when we are!) but there's still plenty you can do...


So many of our community online ask us what they can do to help spread the word about the project, and the all-important reasons behind it. So we've put together this how-to-help page. And well... we hope it helps.

p.s please forgive us for spelling out what might seem obvious to most, we are not trying to be patronising, often we take it for granted that people understand how social media works, and some people really don't, so this is for those people.


Buy our Merchandise


This is how we raise money for our charities, and when you purchase things, and use them/wear them/listen to them, you additionally help spread awareness.



Don't just watch our videos...

Our videos are monetised, and that revenue also goes to our charities (yes, we've thought of everything, haven't we?). We earn revenue for every advert that is clicked. So take a moment to look at what they're trying to sell you, consider it a donation!




Be active on all our public spaces


Our Facebook, Youtube and Twitter accounts are where we communicate with everyone, and those places are where people come to learn more, and find support. You can be a big part of that just by actively checking them regularly, commenting and getting involved in debates. Once you're informed you can also answer questions that people pose before we even get chance to!

We want to encourage people to feel empowered by this movement, and be a part of it. That means getting involved. So just do it!





Share The L Project Facebook Content


So it sounds simple, and you've shared the page (you have, haven't you? If you haven't go and do it now!), but the best way to help us and the cause it to help us raise our numbers. As the 'Army of L' grows the message reaches more people, more quickly.


Got an annoying smart phone that you think you can't share us on? Think again. Skip down to see the tutorial...



How to share us on facebook







Go to our facebook page


Okay, so this is going feel like spoon feeding, but there are some small tips that you might not have thought of! Bear with us...




















Find an interesting post


Scroll through, find something you like, or something worth sharing...



















Don't just click share!


Personalise it, write a message from you to your friends or fans (if you're a page) that will grab their attention.


Also, remember you can 'tag' us in posts of your own by using the @ symbol and typing our name. Facebook should find us for you, select us, and then our name becomes a link in your status update.











Make sure your share/post is public


We know not everyone likes to create public posts, but by making your post about us public when you share it, your friends can pass it forward to their friends more easily.






These little things can make all the difference, they all create our digital stamp across facebook, and you can help us tread all over the hate that's our there by Spreading the L!






Why can't I do this on my iPhone/smartphone/iPad/tablet?


Because you're using the facebook app, and the facebook apps on these devices are very basic and minimal. It means you cannot see the 'share' buttons or the additional tabs - all you get is a wall, photos and info options.


Our recommendation?


Access our facebook page directly though your device browser instead. Then you will magically see options and content that was otherwise being hidden and kept from you (you don't want to feel left out, right?) Until facebook create an app that is better, this is all we can advise.


Still confused? Think even through the browser you can't share us? Okay, here's a 'how to' just for you :)



Share The L Project Facebook Content on a 'smart' device...



Turn on your phone


He he.



Open your browser


Open facebook IN the browser.

Yes, it will still look like you're in the app... fear not.


Click this silly looking three line bar...

























It opens this sidebar!

Then scroll ALL the way to the bottom of that sidebar....

No wonder none of you have found this yet...

Seriously, what a stupid application facebook is...



Keep going... down... down...






































At the bottom...


You'll find these words "Desktop Site"

They will NOT have a handy red box around them...







Click it


It will take you to what you need.
























It opens facebook as if were on a desktop, giving you many more options...














Now go to our page


You can search for it...

Or type in the direct url into the browser window:

















Like this....






























Find the great content you want to share!


See above for all the tricks you can use, like making sure you tag us, and share us publically for greater exposure...







































LOOK! Oh my, is that a 'share' button?!


Yes, yes it is. We told you it was there, didn't we? :)


Click it.


















Type in a personal message (see the first tutorial on sharing), tag us, make it public etc etc....



And SHARE if you CARE



The End.



(Thanks to Lies for donating screen shots and taking the time to explain this for me to create this tutorial - Sofia)















You can retweet our content, or otherwise mention us in your own tweets using any of the following:

The L Project, @TheLProject11 or you can even create a hashtag like #thelprojectrocks! Why not?




'Sharing the L' days


You can be a part of our 'flashpost' hours on facebook and/or 'tweet n greets' on twitter. To find our when these are happening check the special Army of L page (can't see it? Don't worry, it will come and go, if it's not there it means there's nothing planned in the immediate future - we'll let you know on the facebook page).




Sponsor us!


We are very grateful for all the free advertising space many of you are giving the song, but we would also like to offer the new businesses and personal enterprises that have joined us the chance to become official sponsors of the project alongside our other very generous personal, small and large business sponsors.


As we grow in popularity we are finding more and more ways to gain exposure, and raise money for this tremendous cause. Sometimes this costs money. We invest all of our spare time in this project (as we're sure you know by now), this is our personal donation to the cause - but there are some things we simply cannot get for free, no matter how hard we try, how good the cause, or how convincing we can be (and we're good at getting discounts, trust us).


We have ensured that every single penny earned from the sales of the single, and other related merchandise, will go straight to our chosen charities, and so anything else that costs money needs to come from sponsorship.


If you have the capacity to help in this manner (no amount is too small), and you are interested in becoming an official sponsor, please get in touch with us via email. You will appear alongside all our other very generous sponsors both on the website and facebook, and your logos or name will also appear in relation to whatever our next product release is, as recognition that you have helped us get to the next step in our world vision of stamping out hate, and spreading the L.




Become a member of our Street Team


If you are interested in going a step further and becoming a member of our Street Team, please email us with 'New Street Team Applicant' in the subject line.


The Street Team is the core of our Army of L, and you can form your own local gaggle, organise local meetings and working out how you can help spread the word together using the promo that we provide.



More to come


This page will be added to in the future, as we develop the website, this is just a few pointers for newbies! We have many ways for you to get involved and help.