The L Project Mission


Why are Georgey and Sofia (The L Project) doing all of this? Why do we want you to help? Why should you help?

We at The L Project believe in Diversity, Equality and Acceptance...


We aim to raise awareness about the effects of LGBT bullying, to give hope to those suffering from it, and to raise money to help combat it. We hope to be able to do this by engaging our community and empowering them to educate themselves and others in order to 'spread the L'


This project has taken on a life of its own, it has been adopted by so many people, and shared with those who really need to hear our message. So what IS that message? What are we trying to convey to the world? And who is that message for? Let us elucidate...




Your mission objectives, should you accept (and don't worry, we'll give you some ideas):


Primary Target


Youngsters, and anyone else who is feeling like the world is excluding them because they are different.


The message:


It is okay to be different, you are not alone, there are many, many people all over the world just like you who have been through some incredibly tough times. We want to show you that it can get better, "It Does Get Better," and that there is hope, so grab it with both hands.




Share your own stories, or the stories of others. Share our song. Introduce them to our page, and other great pages like it (the list of which is endless). Show your support in any way you can. Or help us when we ask for it, we'll have plenty of things you can do to make a real difference.




Because we all deserve to be loved and accepted for who we are, and there are simply too many people who are no longer with us because of the way the world has treated them. Homophobia, Transphobia, all kinds of hate and bullying is happenning all over the world, daily. It needs to stop. We can help. We have to. No gesture is too small.


Secondary Target


Parents, Teachers, Politicians, Communities, and anyone who does not understand or respect the value of diversity, or is struggling with accepting that someone they know is 'different.'


The message:


Be on the right side of history. Think before you speak. Take a look at yourself, think about your behaviour, why you think the way you do and ask yourself, "Is this my judgement based on my own rational thinking and experience, or have I allowed others to dictate to me what I think? How would I feel if someone treated me, my partner, my best friend, my children or my family like this?"

Rest assured there is someone you know who is 'different' and they are actually not so 'different.' Before you judge, perhaps you should take some time to discover and understand a little about what you fear, and why you fear it.




Because every single person on the planet has a responsibility to promote love over hate. And these people are responsible for our future generations. We all are. Attitudes and laws need to change.


Tertiary Target (Yes, that's really what we call number three...)


Those who are liberal, accepting (not merely tolerant) and loving already.



Are you serious? Why are we targeting them? Aren't they already on the right side of history?


Well, yes, and no. Being all those things is wonderful, but for it to really mean anything to those who insist on promoting hate, you have to let the world know the hate is unacceptable. That, I'm afraid my lovelies, means taking a stand, however small. Even if it's just in your back yard.

It's not about flag waving, or marching (though it can be), but it is about seemingly small gestures like joining our project page and pages like it. Like standing up and telling people their homophobic comments are distasteful and unacceptable.


If enough of us make these small stands we can create a big wave. Together.


Quaternary Mission (Okay, so this is getting silly...)


Educate yourselves, then you are better able to educate others. We'll do our upmost to provide you with ways of learning about the many issues surrounding our causes.







Sofia & Georgey