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May 12th 2014: Press release



We're All Human, official theme tune for IDAHOT on May 17, breaks into the UK charts.


We're All Human, the new charity single from The L Project and official theme tune for the 10th International Day Against Homophobia (IDAHOT) on May 17th, has entered the UK official independent singles chart at no 36.


The song, which in it's first week of release was tweeted by celebrities such as Stephen Fry, Clare Balding, and Martina Navratilova, stands a chance of breaking into the mainstream over the coning weeks. If it does, it will carry with it IDAHOT's message to stand against violence and oppression, and promote freedom, diversity and acceptance wolrdwide.


"Diversity and love is a message everyone can get behind, whether LGBT or not", commented Georgey Payne, one of the project's coordinators. "We hope that everyone - especially non-LGBT people - takes the opportunity this week to download the song and add their vote of support for a world without prejudice."

The song, recorded over a weekend at London's Dean Street Studios, combines the talents of 19 LGBT artists, many of whom are established on the LGBT scene. All these artists gave their time for free to The L Project, who have been raising funds and awareness to promote diversity for the last two years.


The L Project's 2012 single 'It Does Get Better' reached number 11 in the UK independent charts and has so far raised almost £10,000 for Stonewall and Diversity Role Models.


We're All Human will be donating 100% of all proceeds to LGBT charities Kaleidoscope Trust, who fight to uphold the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people internationally; The Russian LGBT Network, who will help victims of LGBT abuse in Russia; and Mermaids, a UK youth transgender charity.

The song can be downloaded on all good download sites, including iTunes and Amazon iTunes:





There is also an accompanying official music video, as well as a BSL signed version, and a series of behind-the-scenes shorts.


Official Music Video for We're All Human - The L Project:



The L Project are on Facebook ( and Twitter (






May 5th 2014: Press release


After the shock of seeing LGBT ‘hunts’ in Russia and gay people being burnt alive in Uganda comes a big dose of LGBT love from the L Project, who released their second LGBT fund-raising single We’re All Human this Sunday, May 4.


Described as like We Are The World but for LGBT people, the song, and it’s accompanying YouTube video (which has seen over 6000 views in the first 24 hours), is raising money for three LGBT charities:

Kaleidoscope Trust – and international LGBT charity
The Russian LGBT Network - giving much needed help and support toLGBT people in Russia
Mermaids – a UK youth transgender charity

Already shared and retweeted by the likes of Clare Balding, Marc Almond, Billy Myers, Biff Naked, actress Angela Griffin, actor Luke Evans and author Stella Duffy, the song immediately topped the Amazon Movers and Shakers list, and has been bubbling up through the various Amazon and iTunes charts since.

That’s not bad for an group of 19 unsigned LGBT artists, but the ambition is to get it into the mainstream.


Georgey Payne, the songwriter and producer of We're All Human says, "Since the first song we've built up a massive network of support through social media. This time we hope that the mainstream media will pick up our story, so that even more people will download the song, and be part of changing the lives of LGBT people who need support. Some of that help will be financial, but we also have lots of stories about people all over the world being helped just by hearing the words and knowing there are people like us who care."


Official Music Video for We're All Human LGBT Charity Song:


We're All Human is available from all good download sites, including but not limited to:










March 22nd 2014:


The L Project release LGBT charity single We're All Human worldwide this May


Nb. (An updated press pack for the new song We're All Human is available HERE)



As the UK's first wave of same-sex newlyweds settle happily into married life, The L Project gears up to repeat their success of 2012 with a second LGBT charity single, We're All Human, to be released this May. Recorded by a diverse group of LGBT artists, every penny earned from the song will be donated to LGBT charities who work to promote diversity and equality.


On hearing a rough cut of the new song, recorded during February LGBT history month at Dean Street Studios in London, one of The L Project's collaborators described it as "We Are The World, but for the gays!". The passion among the 19 artists - this time both male and female - can be heard in every beat and every note.


The L Project's previous song It Does Get Better, released in 2012, made number 11 in the official UK indie charts, despite all the artists being unsigned.


The song also topped the iTunes and Amazon charts for over a week, and received coverage in leading international LGBT magazines and local BBC radio, all without any professional promotion. That song continues to raise funds, through download sales, YouTube views, related merchandise, and royalties, to help prevent LGBT bullying in schools.


Georgey Payne, the songwriter and producer of We're All Human, says, "Since the first song we've built up a massive network of support through social media. This time we hope that the mainstream media will pick up our story, so that even more people will download the song, and be part of changing the lives of LGBT people who need support. Some of that help will be financial, as we give every penny earned to the charities - including royalties - but we also have lots of stories about people all over the world being helped just by hearing the words and knowing there are people like us who care."


The UK might have progressed a lot since 1999, when the country had the a largest number of anti-gay laws in the world, but others aren't so fortunate, as highlighted during the SOCHI Winter Olympics. As the media outrage fades over Russia's attitude towards the LGBT community, The L Project steps in to help keep the flame alive.


"It's easy when you're part of a majority to take the view that because you don't experience an issue, there isn't a problem. But the evidence is undeniable. Media stories focus people's attention for a while, but when the stories stop, people become complacent, and inadvertently become complicit in allowing things to not only continue, but potentially worsen - not just in Russia, but in India, Uganda and around the world," says Sofia Antonia Milone, who runs the project alongside Georgey and who also collaborated on the lyrics of the new song. "Of course the LGBT community would prefer human rights to be based on the simplicity of being human, rather than having to be fought for and listed separately in law," Georgey adds. "That's what we wanted to get across with this song, and we want that message to reach far and wide."


The benefiting charities this time include the Russian LGBT Network which helps LGBT victims of abuse in Russia, and also Mermaids, the UK's youth Transgender charity.


The L Project have released an official video to coincide with the song's release, fol. These videos will show some of the less visible contributors to the project: videographers, photographers, hairstylists, and runners, all of whom worked tirelessly and - just like all the artists - for free.


The L Project will also be playing a sneak preview of We're All Human a short time before the official release. The preview will be made available via a secret link on Facebook and The L Project website,






October 8th 2013:


New Project Announcement!


After a busy two years of promoting, online campaigning, and performing their charity song "It Does Get Better", The L Project are back to do it all over again. They have a continued message, and yes, you guessed it, another song! Moreover, they'd like you to put yourself forward to appear as an artist on their next track (name yet to be confirmed - read on for details of how to apply).


In the last year Georgey Payne and Sofia Antonia Milone, coordinators of the anti-bully project, have been on a quest to promote love and equality as far and wide as they are able, in hopes of reaching out to those who need to hear their message: "You are not alone, there is hope."


They have continued to raise money - a staggering £10,000, no mean feat for a single with no mainstream media backing - and awareness about LGBT bullying and beyond with their charity song "It Does Get Better" which reached number one in both the iTunes and Amazon music charts last year.


Sofia said, "We are eternally grateful for all the great support and coverage the LGBT press offered us with the first project, as well as the amazing sponsors, and of course, the people who bought the track and helped share the message. But now it's time to do it all again, and we sincerely hope we can push this next song even further with everyone's help, raising more money, and of course helping more people in the process."


Sofia and Georgey have travelled the UK with various artists from the original recording line-up, singing at a great many Pride events, and meeting with like-minded people. They were even lucky enough to be invited overseas this year for a special performance in Bergen, Norway with a group of international artists, and in Cleveland, Ohio for the wonderful Dare to Care initiative.


Now the planning for their next project is well in progress, and they are once again looking for sponsors, artists and of course potential beneficiaries of the charity money they raise. As with the first project every single penny made from the song sales will go to charity, including all artist royalties - something quite rare in the charity music business.


Among those already confirmed to take part in the recording is Danyl Johnson, X Factor Finalist in 2009. He told us, "Just to be asked to work on such a big project is very exciting. With the success of "It Does Get Better" making a massive difference, we have the chance of helping and connecting with so many more through this new song. I know that life can be tough sometimes, but just to know that you're not alone can help."


Charley Stone (Salad, Gay Dad, Spy 51, The New Royal Family, Joanne Joanne) who has been confirmed as lead guitarist on the new track, had this to say "Honestly I said yes to being involved just because I love playing guitar. Simple as that." She added, with a glint in her eye, "Also, my great aim in life is to be an Inspiration to All Women."


We certainly know the first project has proven to be an inspiration to many, and not just women but people all over the gender/sexuality spectrum, and beyond. Another confirmed artist, Lucy Burton, singer in the band Eeek, describes why she agreed to be involved in the next project -


"If ever there is the opportunity to promote and educate acceptance and understanding of diversity within the local and global communities in which we live, we should grab that opportunity with both hands. That is why being involved with the L Project is so important to me. If we can reach out and be positive role models to our community and encourage acceptance and break down barriers of prejudice then we must take all the steps we can. I am privileged to work with some of the most incredible, inspiring, visionary women and men and it is vital we are strong and positive role models for future generations; To be able to be part of the L Project and support LGBT charities to do their work in supporting and promoting diversity is a complete honour."


So there you have it, here's your opportunity to get involved, and by all accounts, it seems like you should try to grab it!


If you are a singer or musician, regardless of age, sex, gender identity, sexuality or any other label you may or may not want or have, and you want to get involved, and feel you have what it takes to make this track amazing, then please email with a short bio telling the project who you are, what you can offer and why it's important to you - as well as the all important links to where they can see and/or hear you do your stuff!


We have been told they are particular interested in hearing from any trans artists.


Also, if you feel you are able to help with recording and travelling costs for the artists, and want to have your name against this next project as a personal supporter, or business, then also get in touch with them.


If you've never heard of The L Project, and want to know more about their last project and what they do and stand for, then visit where you can also listen to their last release. Good luck to the project, and to everyone who applies!






November 26th 2012:


General update


Do you feel strongly about LGBT rights and Equality in general? Do you want to see an end to hate, intolerance and bullying? Ever wondered what a difference you could make in the world? Want to know how you help? You can get involved in The L Project community, that's what you can do. It's really that simple.


Nine months ago The L Project released the chart topping charity song "It Does Get Better". All the proceeds collected, even the royalties, are being donated on to Stonewall and Diversity Role Models, both charities who help prevent LGBT bullying in schools.


With the help of their online community (that's you good people) the song reached No. 11 in the UK Official Independent Charts. It also charted No.1 on iTunes and Amazon for eight days. As a result of this success, Project Co-ordinators Georgey Payne, who also penned the song, and Sofia Antonia Milone won an award for outstanding contribution to the LGBT community. Watch the video here.


In addition the pair have been running an ongoing campaign over the last nine months to have as many Pride/LGBT events as they can play the video that accompanies song. With the help of the burgeoning online community residing on their facebook page, they managed to contact and confirm that either the song, or the video be played at 47 events across the UK and beyond.


If you have an event coming up, you can still be added to their Mission Page, which lists every event so far that has supported the song.


Included in that mission were also a number of live performances of the song from the artists that sang on the original recording. They were honoured to be invited to perform at some wonderful events this year: Birmingham Pride Ball, North Wales Pride, Birmingham Pride, L fest, Brighton Pride, The Big Gay UK, The National Diversity Awards and also at Trafalgar Square for the Vigil Against Hate Crime. They have one final performance still to come this year at L festive in Birmingham on December 1st. Tickets are still available if you want to catch them in action.


So much has happened in less than a year for this great project. They have also become a charity merchandise machine, with various T-Shirts available, Project Bears, and most recently sheet music for the song and various choir arrangements. All created and provided with the help of their community and their sponsors. All proceeds of course going straight to those worthy charities.


If you've never even heard of The L Project, and everything Georgey and Sofia are trying to do to raise awareness and empower people to act against LGBT bullying, then you should visit their website, and join their page on facebook which has over 25,000 likes and high activity from their 'projecteers' everyday.


The organisers have inspired a number of projecteers to raise money themselves for their charities, Stonewall and Diversity Role Models, running marathons, triathlons and even are hosting their own fancy dress evenings. "Most people we come across want to do something good in the world, with the little spare time they have," project co-ordinator Sofia says. "Georgey and I have proved what two people with full-time jobs can do if they put their minds to it. Most people just need some inspiration, a little help and guidance, or a gentle push. If we can provide that, we're winning!"


There are so many ways for individuals to get involved, from simply sharing artwork on the facebook page, to more active involvement like running races, or adding their unique voice to the project blog. One such projecteer, Julie Price did just that this year, writing an open letter to the Curnow's, a couple who, having just married, marched to Downing Street to deliver a petition against same-sex marriage. Julie's honest, respectful and emotional letter was picked up by Stephen Fry, retweeted, and within hours had been read over 65,000 times. You can read Julie's letter here.


"Since my letter to the Curnows was posted on The L Project’s blog," Julie said recently, "things have changed for me. It feels as though I have finally found my voice. The thing that has affected me most is the number of people that have told me they felt represented and empowered by my words; I never believed that I had the ability to do that. I am so grateful for the opportunity to write for The L Project’s blog, as it has given me the confidence to keep writing, to be a more active campaigner and to keep speaking up, not only for myself, but also for those who feel that they cannot."


This is the power of the internet, and one that co-ordinators Sofia and Georgey are encouraging their growing tribe to harness for good, whilst also raising money for charities than can make real life changes as well.


In total so far The L project has raised an amazing £7,508.39 for Stonewall and Diversity Role Models, money that will continue to stream in with merchandise sales and video plays. Given how little musicians make from music sales, this really is a huge achievement in such a short time with no record label backing.


If you still haven't seen the video, or heard 'It Does Get Better' then seriously, where have you been? You can download it from iTunes or Amazon now, and you can help the cause by sharing the Official Music Video far and wide.








April 25th 2012:


Video competition and the early results of the Pride and LGBT event mission

The L Project have announced the opening of a fantastic competition to create the next official video for their hit charity single "It Does Get Better" which was released in February 2012. Fans can film themselves covering the track, create an entirely new video to the original song, or a combination of the two. The winning entry which will be decided by public vote, will become the next official video being shared with their world of supporters and hopefully beyond.


"We've had some really talented people wanting to cover the song, or make new videos for us, and we thought we should harness that energy, and give the best videos a chance for some real exposure. A fresh take on the video can only increase awareness even more, and hopefully boost sales and figures as well," says Sofia Antonia Milone, project co-ordinator alongside the songwriter Georgey Payne.


Deadline for entries is midnight (GMT) May 18th 2012. All votes must be in by midnight (GMT) June 8th 2012.
See the competition page on facebook for more details and terms and conditions:


Also The L project have revealed that their mission to either perform live, or have their video played at every pride event they can think of is well underway.


"Our supporters have been amazing, contacting events that we haven't heard back from to give them a nudge, and really making a difference!" explains Georgey.


The L project have an effective way of showing the support prides and LGBT events are giving them by a simple tally page with a traffic light code. You can see it here: If you're event isn't on the list, or worse still, it is on the list, but is listed as red, then get in touch with The L project as soon as possible. You can email them direct on They're lovely girls, just trying to make a difference. Lets help them all we can.


All proceeds from the song "It Does Get Better" go to two charities trying to combat anti LGBT bullying, Diversity Role Models and Stonewall. More information about the project can be found on the main website:


If you haven't already bought the song, and had your heart broken by the original official video, go watch it now here: Gain some inspiration, create your own entry and be in with a chance of being the star of the next video! What are you waiting for?







April 3rd 2012:


So what's been happening in the last month with The L Project... who are The L Project? Really, you're not already a fan? Okay, for those of you living in caves, here's what you missed:


The L Project released an anti-bullying charity single entitled "It Does Get Better" on Feb 11th 2012 recorded by 17 of the UK's most talented female gay artists. All proceeds and Royalties from this song goes directly to their two chosen charities Stonewall and Diversity Role Models who both prevent LGBT bullying.


Within 17 hours the song shot to No1 in the UK Amazon Folk and the Rock song charts. It also reached No1 in the UK iTunes Rock album charts. It held position on all these charts for 8 days. Amazingly it also reached No.11 in the Official UK Independent Charts within the first week of release. That's quite something with no mainstream media backing. In fact the entire campaign has managed to spread rapidly across the globe without the backing of any major labels or companies.


If you haven't already cried at their video and bought the song five times as a result, go do it here:


This is what the world is still buzzing about. "It Does Get Better" has now been viewed on Youtube over 214,000 times, including the 'Signed version' which is equally as touching.


Not only that, but the Facebook page has well over 17,000 likes with high activity from members every single day. The online community that has turned out to support the project since the release of the song has been growing in strength daily. Their wall is covered with wonderful messages of support from around the globe. Not just support for the project and their cause and charities, but also for each other. To join the burgeoning support visit their facebook page:


By far the highlight for The L Project in the last month must be the first ever live performance of "It Does Get Better" at The Pride Ball held at The Birmingham ICC on March 23rd to raise money for HIV and AIDS charities. The Pride Ball even adopted the charity song and used it as their main theme of evening. The whole cast of the pride ball did their own amazing performance of the song which really is worth a look:


But that wasn't the only surprise for The L Project that night, the high point for project coordinators Georgey Payne & Sofia Antonia Milone was receiving an award for 'Outstanding Contribution to the LGBT Community' given to them by The Midlands Zone Readers Awards. You can watch the girls receive their award here:


The L Project is run by Georgey Payne and Sofia Antonia Milone, who both work full time whilst also running the project. All their spare time and energy goes in to trying to raise awareness and money for their selected charities, which includes running their Facebook page, Twitter and Youtube channel. They have revealed that the main aim this year is to have "It Does Get Better" played at every UK Pride and beyond for 2012, or even better, to perform the song themselves as The L Project artists wherever they can. Please contact them on if you wish to help them achieve that goal.


As a result of the overwhelming global response to the song The L Project have also launched their brand new website: If you want to help them in their aims to raise awareness, this is a great place to go for info.


So, as they say "if you care, then share..." because together these girls really are making a difference.



The L Project






March 2012:


Back in October of 2011 The L Project, initiated by singer-songwriter Georgey Payne, brought together a group of UK music artists with the intention of recording a song she had penned. That song was 'It Does Get Better' and it was initially written by Georgey in an attempt to cheer up a young friend who had confided in her that he had been the subject of homophobic bullying in school. Georgey quickly realised that the positive message of hope that her song conveyed was one that people all over the world could benefit from whether LGBT or not. Simply put, this song is for anyone who experiences the struggles that can come with being different, and the message is clear "It Does Get Better," do not give up hope.


Nowhere is that more evident than in the growing online community that have turned out to support the project since the release of the song on February 11th 2012. The facebook page for the project is littered with wonderful messages from around the globe, from those who have been brought back from the brink of desperation, to those who have been spurred to action by the pure drive and tenacity the project coordinators have shown in their unending devotion to spreading the "L".


What started out as a song, has become a community, a bigger force than either of the co-ordinators could have foreseen. "The response we've had is just tremendous, and we have decided the release of this song is just the first of many projects to come," says Sofia Antonia Milone.


But lets go back to that song, where everything started, before the advent of the "Share if you Care" phenomenon.

Seventeen of the UK's leading lesbian music artists appear on the track, fifteen of which appear as vocalists giving the track a "Feed The World" feel. But this campaign has managed to spread rapidly across the entire globe without the backing of any major labels or companies. It reached no.11 in the official UK independent charts within the first week of release, and has been repeatedly no.1 in the uk amazon charts, not to mention ranking highly in iTunes. And yet the entire track was recorded on a shoestring budget provided by some very generous sponsors. That's quite a success story. All of the artists involved gave up their time for free, and all the royalties from the song, including those of the songwriter, are also being donated to charity. That's what really makes this charity single one of a kind.


The track is only available to purchase digitally, as Sofia, project co-ordinator alongside Georgey explains, so there are no costs to be be covered as there would be with a physical CD campaign and the distribution it involves. Even companies and magazines have given the single free advertising space by way of contribution. This means that every drop of money made goes to their chosen charities.


Those charities are Stonewall and Diversity Role Models. The former, a well-known global charity will receive 20%, with the remaining 80% going to the much younger charity Diversity Role Models. Sofia and Georgey explain their decision for this split all comes down to the fact that Diversity Role Models are doing exactly the kind of work they want to support, going directly into schools and educating young people about diversity. Effectively this work is accessing not just the young people who might be feeling they are different, but also those that might not have thought twice about bullying someone for being different.


This campaign had been born of sheer hard work, and community spirit. With over 170,000 hits on youtube for the song video to date the project has exceeded their anticipated social reach. "Initially our aim was to gain 3,000 likes on our facebook page before release!" says Georgey. With now well over 16,000 likes it's fair to say they underestimated the support a fantastic cause like this can generate, especially when the ethos of the campaign is to empower those who believe in it to use their initiative and work together to increase exposure.


Facebook Page


So, "if you care, then share..." because together we really are making a difference. And what does the future bring?
"A lot of great merchandise we have in store, so that you can buy great products while still donating to the cause," says Sofia.


Official Music Video for "It Does Get Better"


In other news 10 artists from The L Project will be performing for the first time live on Friday March 23rd at The Pride Ball 2012 held at The Birmingham ICC. All money raised from this night will go to HIV/AIDS charities.


If you haven't already secured your copy of the song via iTunes or Amazon etc then please do so now. To find out more about the project and stay updated please visit their website where you find links to all of their pages.










November 2011 - February 2012 went something like this:


"UK lesbian artists band together to combat homophobic bullying."


On the weekend of the 21st October the UK's leading lesbian artists got together at Dean Street Studios in Soho, London to record a song which will help raise awareness and money for charities that work to combat homophobic bullying in young people.


"We are all so very happy with the single, the weekend in the studio couldn't have been any better, it was an emotional yet really fun weekend with everyone working together," says Georgey Payne.


The L Project, having recorded the single "It Does Get Better" with the help of its kind sponsors, and only weeks away from release, is gathering growing support from both gay and straight communities across the UK and beyond. "The enthusiasm is amazing!" says Georgey Payne, creator of the L Project, and singer-songwriter for UK lesbian band Greymatter. "We're finding that most people know of, or have been affected by this issue, and just want to join in and help in whatever way they can. We've come a long way since June 2011."


Georgey herself was moved to action by the experiences of a young gay friend: "I noticed one night he was worried about going home after working an evening, and when I asked him what was wrong he told me he was being bullied at school. I then listened while he explained everything that had been happening, and just remember feeling so sad at what he was having to go through. Being a songwriter, the best way I could think of to help raise money and awareness to prevent this kind of thing happening to others was to write a song. I then asked the most talented UK lesbian artists I know for their help by getting together to record it for charity, and they all said yes - without hesitation."


The song "It Does Get Better" will be released February 11th 2012 as a digital download. Set to a powerful and catchy melody, the lyrics talk about the challenges of growing up gay, but the central message is one of hope: it gets better. This message is at the core of Stonewall's "It Gets Better Today" campaign, as well as the "It Gets Better" Project" (USA). It is also the message that the Diversity Role Models charity is helping spread through their excellent workshops directly with kids in schools they visit.


Both Diversity Role Models and Stonewall will benefit directly from all sales of the single. There will also be a music video to accompany the charity single, and one with BSL interpreters.


The L Project is focused on raising awareness and money in the UK. "If the song sells beyond the UK, that would be fantastic. If I jumped back now to age 13 and had heard a song like this, knowing I was gay, but had remained silent, I would have felt so happy, and realised it's not just me, and that I actually had a life waiting for me where I belong" says Georgey. "Our aim is to reach as many people as possible with the release of this single, young, old, friends and family of those affected, it doesn't matter who you are, we all have a chance to help make difference. Our charities help prevent young gay people from being bullied - that's the focus of the L Project," says project partner Sofia Antonia Milone.


Everyone involved, artists, supporters and promoters, have done this for free. Participating artists who worked on the charity single are Scottish legend, Horse, Georgey Payne & Emma Kavanagh (Greymatter), Sofia Antonia Milone (GeEkgiRL), Sandra MacBeth, Amber Taylor-Groves (HeadsHearts), Mel Sanson (Kenelis), Nina McCann, O'Hooley & Tidow, Lorna Thomas, Leanna Goring, Juey, Jess Gardham, Amy Sutton (Neon Choir), Nicky Mitchell, and Ella Chambers.


Georgey Payne and Sofia Antonia Milone are working together to drive The L Project Campaign forward so that by February 11th 2012 everyone will be excited and ready to buy the charity single.


The song is now officially ready for radio play. Some of the L Project sponsors include: Dean Street Studios, VroomVroomVroom, Paul Mitchell (Luxury Hair Care), L-Fest, Pink Sofa, SinnerSaint, Nando's, Pret a Manger, Kaanaanmaa, Focx, Coyotes Bar, Ground to Elevation and many more.


Helping promote The L Project are: It Gets Better Project (USA) Diva, g3, L-Mag, Lizzie the Lezzie, Pink Sofa, The Candy Bar Girls, GOGO Festival, WHOF, Shoe, Gaygirlnet, Lesbilicious, gay radio stations and many many more.


To find out more about The L Project, you can see the full line up, photos from the amazing weekend with everyone at Dean Street Studios, and also photos and biographies of everyone involved with the project on the Facebook page. Please click the 'Like' button to show your support


The L Project website is and here is our Twitter and Youtube page where you'll find our latest videos, interviews and behind the scene footage from our weekend in studio. Please subscribe now to stay updated.


If you think you'd like to contribute to The L Project in any way, by helping promote the single or by getting it onto local and national radio or TV, then please email Georgey at Once the single comes out, you can support those charities working to prevent homophobic bullying by buying the single and spreading the word to as many of your friends as possible. Or you could really help our cause by spreading the word right now...


Thank you for reading,
The L Project




This list of press releases is as historically correct as we have time to make it ;)


Sofia & Georgey