Steam Team


If you are interested in going a step further and becoming a member of our Street Team, please email us with 'New Street Team Applicant' in the subject line.


The Street Team is the core of our Army of L, and you can form your own local gaggle, organise local meetings and work out how you can help spread the word together using the promo that we provide. We will keep your email on our database, and whenever we need your help we'll send out info about how you can get involved.



What is a Street Team?


It's a group of poeple who believe in something so much they are willing to help in whatever way they can. The Street Team differs from a regular Projecteers however in that they help promote on the ground, and not just online.



What does the Street Team do?


Most street team members organise flyering in their locals areas. With the promotion of Project #1 for instance they would visit local bars, clubs, radio or organisations and try to generate some interest in the song "It Does Get Better." This has lead to the song being played all over the world in many venues, and on local stations.



Everyone now and then we send the Street Team members an email asking them to research something for us in their local area. It could be things like:


Gathering email addresses of your local gay clubs, bars and other LGBT friendly organisations, as well as website urls for local magazines and radio.


We also ask the Street Team to go a step further, and contact local MPs or high profile people like Ellen Degeneres (you may have noticed we targey her a lot...)


And we ask you to brainstorm ideas of how we can promote the project further, with your gallant help!



Street Team Resources


You can find all related promotional artwork here.



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