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Welcome to project two - We're All Human. As you know, The L Project is Sofia Antonia Milone and Georgey Payne. If you want to know how this enitre campaign started, read more here.


This is our second project, a charity song - music written by Georgey and lyrics co-written with Sofia.

This time we brought together an even larger range of voices, some of whom sent in audition reels to be considered for the project and were picked to participate.


The complete team behind this charity single essentially fall into three categories, all of whom have given all of their time, energy and talent for free.


The first contributors are the most obvious, the musicians and singers that appear on the track and in video itself. Then of course there are the film-makers that have documented the whole process. And finally there is The L Project themselves, the co-ordinators Georgey and Sofia.


Let's introduce to all contributors in our first project, starting from the top... two faces you are undoubtedly famliar with!


nb. if there is a contributor missing here it is because did not wish to be advertised

Name: Georgey Payne

Project role: Project Co-ordinator

Song contribution: Songwriter, Lyricist, Singer, Producer


Biography: Lead vocalist, guitarist, pianist and songwriter in UK band Greymatter who have been together since 2003. The have 3 albums out (circa 2012) and have toured europe extensively.



Links: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Youtube | Songwriter

Georgey Payne

The L Project - embracing diversity

Name: Sofia Antonia Milone, aka Fi, or Fia

Project role: Project Co-ordinator

Song contribution: Lyricist, Singer, Artwork


Biography: Sofia is a bit of an all-rounder freelancing in many realms as artist, writer, musician, songwriter, designer and a bunch of other things. She used to be in a band, that's how she and Georgey met.



Links: Facebook | Website | Designer

Sofia Antonia MiloneSofia Antonia Milone

The L Project - embracing diversity

Name: Nicola Prestage and Kate Green aka Tiger Features

Song contribution: Directors/Producers of the official We're All Human music video. Kate green is also responsible for the official photography on this project.


Biography: Partners Kate Green and Nicola Prestage work together as Tiger Features, their production company and Kate Green Photography. They are digital multimedia artists with a passion for documentary film making and photography.



Links: Tiger Features | Kate Green Photography

Tiger Features

The L Project - embracing diversity

Name: Victoria Pratt

Song contribution: Behind the scenes videos for We're All Human.


Biography: Victoria met Georgey whilst shooting a mini documentary, we were delighted she could take part in this project.



Links: Youtube

Victoria Pratt

The L Project - embracing diversity

Name: Ben Lambert

Song contribution: Drums


Biography: Ben has always worked in some capacity in the music industry, from selling t-shirts to tour managing and sound engineering. More recently he's been found moving pianos and setting-up/doing monitors for Jamie Cullum, whom he's worked with for 10 years. After extensive touring his humble indie roots have called him back and he's currently to be found wielding sticks with Keith Top Of The Pops, but to be honest, he'll play with anyone if you ask him to. We're glad we did!

Ben Lambert

The L Project - embracing diversity

Name: Charley Stone

Song contribution: Lead Guitar


Biography: Based in London town, Charley has been playing guitar since time began as far as anyone can tell. She loves to play guitar. And she plays some bass too, and on occasion other things like keyboards and vocal chords. But the guitar is what she loves, and she's rather good at it. She has toured far and wide, axe in hand, for a large array of bands, and sported a great array of haircuts too.


Links: Watch Keith TOTP | Watch Gay Dad | Watch Joanne Joanne

Charley Stone

The L Project - embracing diversity

Name: Lorna Thomas

Song contribution: Bass Guitar


Biography: A versatile musician and vocalist, Lorna is in high demand. Her individual style and personality has earned her endorsements from major companies such as Ashdown Amps. In 2011 she was also features in the online bass magazine “ No Treble “ as one of the top 10 Spotlight players for that year. Lorna also played bass on the track It Does Get Better.


Links: Facebook | Website | Email

Lorna Thomas

The L Project - embracing diversity

Name: Mandy Burton

Song contribution: Rhythm Guitar


Biography: Playing guitar is Mandy’s passion. She runs her own teaching studio and also teaches guitar and ukulele in schools. Back in the 90’s Mandy played in a variety of bands, finally fronting the indie band Sugarfix. She is currently a member of the band Eeek.


Links: Facebook | Twitter | Youtube | Bandcamp | Website

Mandy Burton

The L Project - embracing diversity

Name: Catherine 'Been' Feeney

Song contribution: Piano and that other thing... a Wurlizter?!


Biography: ‘Been’ is main composer, keyboard player, vocalist and occasional guitarist in Never The Bride. She is an exceptionally talented songwriter who brings a unique blend of strength and melody to each song.



Links: Facebook | Website

Catherine Feeney

The L Project - embracing diversity

Name: Peter Caulfield

Song contribution: Singer


Biography: Not only does Peter have a string of West End musical performances in his credits, but he is also a member of the Motion Capture company Imaginarium run by Andy Sirkis as well as beinga singer-songwriter. In 2014 he produced his own show to a sold out audience at St James's theatre studio called 'Peter Caulfield Presents.'


Links:Twitter | Watch

Peter Caulfield

The L Project - embracing diversity

Name: Hartley Wilson

Song contribution: Singer


Biography: Originally from Leicester Hartley is a singer songwriter now based in London. He originally trained at the royal academy of music and since then has found all sorts of ways to make a living out of music, from singing show tunes in zambia to vocal orchestra work for feature films.


Links: Listen |Buy

Hartley Wilson

The L Project - embracing diversity

Name: Thomas Guest

Song contribution: Singer


Biography: Working internationally as a performer and vocal coach, Tom teaches piano and singing across Greater Manchester, including the performing arts course at Rochdale College. He is Musical Director for the 2faced Theatre Company andManchester Glee, and performs regularly with the Halle Choir.


Links: Manchester Glee

Thomas Guest

The L Project - embracing diversity

Name: Andy Fawcett

Song contribution: Singer


Biography: Andy has been involved in various bands from rock to modern blues since he was 17 years old. Noteable gigs recently played with his band 'The Koyotes' has been the prestigious York Blues Festival, playing along the legendary Stan Webb and the up and coming Jo Harman.


Links: Facebook | Watch | The Hero's Run

o'hooley and tidow

The L Project - embracing diversity

Name: Alexandros Reizos

Song contribution: Singer


Biography: Alex is a Digital Marketer in London. He started singing when he was ten in Sweden whilst helping a friend out with some harmonies she had to learn for choir school. Years later he auditioned for a music school where he was part of various bands and choirs.


Alexandros Reizos

The L Project - embracing diversity

Name: Amber Taylor-Groves

Song contribution: Singer


Biography: Amber was first signed by Warner Bros at the of 15 but due to contractual issues was unable to release any of the work. Since 2009 she has been writing and performing with her electronic soul band Heads Hearts. Amber was also a singer on the track It Does Get Better.


Links: Facebook | Website

Amber Taylor-Groves

The L Project - embracing diversity

Name: Emma Kavanagh

Song contribution: Singer


Biography: Emma is lead vocalist alongside Georgey in Greymatter who have been together since 2003. The have 3 albums out (circa 2012) and have toured europe extensively. Emma was also a singer on the track It Does Get Better.



Links: Website | Myspace | Facebook | Twitter | Youtube

Emma Kavanagh

The L Project - embracing diversity

Name: Skylar

Song contribution: Singer


Biography: An acoustic singer/songwriter with a raw edge and unique style. Originating from Luton, Skylar embarked on her musical career in 2010. Sennheiser caught wind of Skylar early in 2014 and are backing her career in the same way they did with Ed Sheeran, Labrinth and Adele.


Links: Twitter


The L Project - embracing diversity

Name: Julie Price

Song contribution: Singer, blogger


Biography: In 2013 The L Project put out a call for bloggers and, being a keen writer, Julie volunteered. Since then she has become a much more active campaigner, not least for The L project. She also auditioned to sing on We're All Human, and we just loved her voice!


Links: Facebook |Youtube

Julie Price

The L Project - embracing diversity

Name: Lucy Burton

Song contribution: Singer, behind the scenes interviews


Biography: Lucy started her singing career 20 years ago in musical theatre and film. She then moved on to become a very successful and much sought after backing vocalist. After being in a supporting role for over 10 years for a variety of both national and international artists, she now fronts the band Eeek.


Links: Facebook | Twitter | Youtube | Bandcamp | Website

Lucy Burton

The L Project - embracing diversity

Name: Nikki Lamborn

Song contribution: Singer


Biography: Lead singer in Never The Bride, Nikki is one of the most talented vocalists in the music world today. Roger Daltrey once gave possibly the highest accolade when he said “Nikki is the best female rock singer since Janis Joplin, and I should know what I am talking about, I knew Janis!”


Links: Facebook | Website

Nikki Lamborn

The L Project - embracing diversity

Name: Beth Prior

Song contribution: Singer


Biography: Borders based Singer-Songwriter, Community Artist, Dread Stylist and an alright cook... With inspiration absorbed through many genres including Contemporary Folk, Reggae, Gypsy-Swing, Jazz and Ska. As a performer she has been gifted with one absolute constant... To deliver all of the above with genuine soul.


Links: Facebook |Soundcloud | Twitter | Bandcamp

Beth Prior

The L Project - embracing diversity

Name: Cookie Arnone

Song contribution: Head runner, Choir


Biography: Cookie is intensely passionate about equal rights and the absolute freedom for everyone to be able to be, to live, and to love without fear of judgment, without fear of prejudice, without any infringements placed upon their rights. She is proud to support and be involved in this project.



Cookie Arnone

The L Project - embracing diversity

Name: Sam Adams

Song contribution: Runner, Choir


Biography: Sam has been a runner for a number of events in the past, more recently helping her friend Caron Morton with Gel Today gigs and events which include the very successful Pink Affair, Heather Peace gigs and comedy nights. She is also the wife Candy Bar Girl Natalie Adams (below).




Sam Adams

The L Project - embracing diversity

Name: Nat Adams

Song contribution: Hair, Choir


Biography: Nat has been hairdressing since 2006. She trained with Toni and Guy before moving to a top London Salon and then taking on managing a hair salon in Brighton - Cuts & Co. You may also recognise her from Channel 5's
Candy Bar Girls or Sky Livings It's Love Actually



Links: Cuts & Co. | Candy Bar Girls

Nat Adams

The L Project - embracing diversity

Name: Helen Setchell

Song contribution: Bookkeeper and Studio Cat


Biography: Helen is Georgey's Partner in life and crime, if they commit any, I don't know. i did ask her to send me something to write here, but she's a cat, so, well... we all know they never do what you tell them, even if you ask nicely.


Helen Setchell

The L Project - embracing diversity

Name: Sarah Chapman

Song contribution: Sheet Music


Biography: Sarah has been a member of the Liverpool Philharmonic Training Choir, the Liverpool Philharmonic Youth Choir, the National Childrens Brass Band of Great Britain, the National Youth Wind Orchestra of Great Britain, and the European Youth Brass Band in 2007She has a Bachelors degree in Music.


Links: Boobs and Brass

Sarah Chapman

The L Project - embracing diversity

The L project Choir

Additional Choir:


1) Colin Benn, 2) Louise Herbet, 3) Lara King, 4) Emma Bennett, 5) Clare Taylor-Groves,

6) Stacey Donohoe, 7) Annelen Starefoss, 8) Molly (from The Promise),
9) Annie (from The Promise), 10) River Keohane, 11) Jean-Micheal Escoffier

The L Project - embracing diversity