The L Project Sponsors


Our generous sponsors are how Georgey and Sofia are able to put together the projects, these sponsors have all contributed to Project #2 "We're All Human" which has paid for:

Studio recording and mixing fees, accomodation, food and travel for the artists during recording in London, printing of flyers, posters and other physical promo material for the song or digital fees.

These sponsors appear in order of time/monetary contribution, some have donated both.

If you are interested in becoming an official sponsor, or have services you can donate for free, please contact us.


nb. if there is a sponsor missing here it is because did not wish to be advertised

Name: L Fest.

What: The best women's events (music, entertainment and festivals) in the UK.


Contribution: Lfest are by far our biggest sponsor overall, having been with us since Project 1. They have donated much needed money to both projects, as well as being host to The L Project artists at their 2012, 2013 and 2014 Festival



Links: Website


Name: Dean Street Studios

What: Recording Studio


Contribution: Dean Street Studios provided The L project with a reduced rate to enable us to record our second track with them, we are very grateful for their continued support.



Links: Website

Dean Street Studios

Name: Freedom Friends

What: LGBT goods


Contribution: Our now famous Project Bears which were customised for us and sold and distributed by Freedom Friends have continued to raise a great deal of money. Who knew how popular these cute little guys would be?!



Links: Project Beanie Bears

Freedom Friends

Name: 8db Studios and Stuart Heller


Contribution: Remixing and mastering of the track for free. We are so thankful for all the many hours of hard work Stuart has put into this track, at very short notice, thank you so much!




Links: Website

8db Studios


What: Online home to the artist Ayse


Contribution: Ayse became a sponor of the project soon after our first release, that money has gone towards all sorts of promotional materials and helped create the new track We're All Human too.



Links: Website

Gemin Art

Name: Tracey McCarthy

What: Runner and Projecteer


Contribution: Tracey ran the Brighton Marathon, got people to sponsor her, and donated her sponsor money to us! She raised so much money, we wanted to make her an official sponsor for all her hard work. Totally amazing, thank you.



Links: Charity fundraising page

Tracey McCarthy

Name: Venues 4

What: One-stop venue finding solution


Contribution: Donated money which completely paid for the coach hire over the weekend of recording. This was last minute and very much needed, thank you.




Links: Website

Venues 4

Name: Paul Mitchell Haircare

What: Professional Salon Products


Contribution: Donated much needed money pre-release.





Links: Website

Paul Mitchell Haircare

Name: Liz Kessler

What: Children's Author


Contribution: Liz told us that our first project song helped inspire her to have the courage to make a big statement and come out to the world of her readers. She recieved a huge amount of support from them. We very much look forward to her first LGBT character who will appear sometime in 2014 we're told.


Links: Website

Liz Kessler Children's Author

Name: Sally Edwards

What: Campaigner


Contribution: Donated much needed money pre-release.






Sally Edwards

Name: Planet London

What: Lesbian, Bi and Queer online guide to London


Contribution: Donated much needed money pre-release.





Links: Website

Planet London

Name: Shropshire IDAHO

What: Annual Event


Contribution: Donated much needed money pre-release.





Links: Website

Shropshire Idaho

Name: Krista Wyatt

What: Fundraiser and projecteer


Contribution: Krista not only took to the country on her bike to raise money for us, but she also was a fantastic tour guide to Sofia and Georgey when they visited Cleveland, Ohio in 213 to sing at the Dare2Care concert.



Links: Breeze and Zephyr on the Road

Krista Wyatt

Name: Frog Soup we Design


Contribution: Has donated all server space for The L Project's websites and needs, and set up email accounts for the project. Sofia in particular is very thankful Joel, one less headache.




Links: Website

Frog Soup

Name: Pretty Pink Pearl

What: Online retailer specialising in LGBT products


Contribution: Donations from online sales referrals and other L Project merchandise stocked with them.




Links: Website

Prettty Pink Pearl

Name: Anderson Travel

What: Coach Company


Contribution: Discount on coach hire over weekend of recording.





Links: Website

Anderson Travel

Name: Ibis

What: Hotels


Contribution: Discount on cost of hotel rooms for artists over the weekend of recording.



Links: Website


Name: Wahaca

What: Great mexican food!


Contribution: Donated food to the artists over the weekend recording of the track.





Links: Website


Name: Pret A Manger

What: Great wraps and sarnies!


Contribution: Donated food to the artists over the weekend recording of the track.





Links: Website

Pret A Manger

And of course we have a LOT of other great supporters of The L Project, helping to spread the word:


Wipe Out Homophobia, Lizzie the Lezzy, g3 Magazine, Wipe Out Transphobia, Evol=, The Equlaity Mantra, Rise Against Bullying, and Dare2Care.

Not to mention all of the amazing community on facebook. We thank you all. Truly.

Sofia and Georgey